Bespoke Event Team

A customised web application for a first-class events and transportation management company to run their day to day operations.

Bespoke Event Team: Providing Next Level Event and Transportation Management Services

Bespoke Event Team (BET) provides the highest quality event and transportation management services, professional driver teams and front-of-house personnel for all occasions.

The company runs events for major sporting and media organisations and is proud to count PGA European Golf Tour, Alfred Dunhill, the Lawn Tennis Association, the ATP, BMW, Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-Royce among their clients. It also caters to "bespoke" and individually tailored requirements for smaller occasions. Many of the driving teams have years of experience in close protection work and armed response training which provides an additional level of security for VIP clients.

The Opportunity

Prior to getting in contact with us, BET were using off-the-shelf transport management software. However, it fell short of company's requirements on several fronts.

Firstly, because it was an off-the-shelf product, it was based on a one-size-fits-all approach. It got complex over time and contained functionality that BET didn't use or need. This made simple tasks such as navigating through the system needlessly complicated. It also wasn't flexible enough and couldn't adapt to the team's workflow.

Secondly, the security measures in the old software couldn't be independently verified. As such, it couldn't be definitively determined whether BET's clients' data was appropriately secure. In addition, car dispatch messages containing personal data were being sent through SMS which couldn't be encrypted.

Finally, the software only ran on Windows PCs and only one operator could work on a single event at any given time. This didn't fit the dynamic nature of BET's work.

The Solution

Blitz Effect developed a web app with customised user interface and workflows that were tailored to the way Bespoke Event Team works.

The app also addressed areas of concern in relation to keeping customer data secure. As opposed to keeping customers' data with the provider of the off-the-shelf solution where it's not entirely clear who has access to it, the data is kept secure and only accessible to BET.

In addition, car dispatch messages containing trip details are now being sent over Viber messaging app. This means that the details are secure due to end-to-end encryption. The app is also more convenient for the drivers as they can simply click a button to accept a trip instead of typing an SMS message.

Finally, the web app is cross-platform and device agnostic. It is no longer limited to only running on Windows PCs.

The Outcome

The new web app met all Bespoke Event Team's goals.

It enabled the team to be more efficient due to highly customised user interface and workflows. The team doesn't need to adapt their workflow to software anymore, the software adapts to the way the team works.

It also Improved the security of BET's clients' data by implementing best industry practice in the app and also encrypting the messaging channel.

Finally, the app opened up opportunities for the team to use technology more dynamically. BET's personnel can use the app on a tablet when greeting customers and have all the information they need at their fingertips. That makes an already great customer service even more exceptional.

We commissioned Blitz Effect to create our 'Bespoke Transport Solutions’ platform - they came highly recommended and for very good reason!

Their ability to appreciate our initial concepts and to then accurately transform them into the multi-functional and professional booking platform they produced for us, was remarkable.

Throughout the whole process, Blitz Effect were an absolute pleasure to deal with and from the outset, their technical knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, proved invaluable.

We would not hesitate to recommend the exceptional services that Blitz Effect provide!

Julie Cunningham Director @ Bespoke Event Team